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CONSUMER ALERT 11/20/2018:

There is illegal activity as an individual/group is listing "" on credit card statements of some individuals nationally after making small charges, less than $1, and then listing our business number to call as well. They are then racking up other charges after this "tester charge" goes through. Unfortunately, any businesses' name/info can be used similarly, and this happens not infrequently. 

-This is not our clinic, nor how our clinic shows up on credit card statements.

-This is not originating with our bank accounts.

-We are located in Columbus, OH.

-This is not affecting our members, and is affecting random individuals.

-This is fraud and you should let your bank know asap. Thank you. 


Summer 2018

There is a phone spamming campaign going on with a "wellness center". 

DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Report their actual phone # they called from (to the Ohio Attorney General - click here) immediately if you like. 

Unless you speak DIRECTLY with Dr. B from our ASSOCIATED clinic phone number (614.600.2546), then somebody is SPAMMING you -- this is not our clinic. 

An individual called Dr B and asked if it was her wellness center that had called and left a voicemail. The answer was no.  The individual had googled "wellness center" and our clinic was one of the first ones that showed up in the google search, even though the name, and phone number left by the spammer did not match.

The information given to me by a caller was that it was a number based out of Westerville, OH.

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Direct primary care columbus ohio

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