Heather Bartlett, M.D. 

(aka, Dr. B.)

Founder, Owner of The Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center

Columbus' first Direct Primary Care clinic

April 19th, 2017 - Startup Storytellers: The Leap
At minute 25:10, watch Dr. B give her talk on why she believes in Direct Primary Care

Dr. Bartlett is a Texas native who completed undergraduate training with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas A&M University, completed medical school at St. Matthew's University in the British West Indies, and thus she is ECFMG certified, completed her internship in general surgery from The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, and then transitioned to Family Medicine and completed her residency as a Chief Resident at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, OH.

Dr. Bartlett is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician with surgical background having completed her internship in general surgery, who as an attending in Family Medicine began practicing in a socioeconomically, culturally diverse region south of Seattle, WA. She transitioned back to West Texas (near her hometown) to work in a low acuity emergency department setting to be closer to family. Then she worked in West Virginia Level II Trauma Emergency Department briefly before moving back to her second home in Columbus, OH to work in the world of pre-admission testing (PAT) in a large tertiary medical system of Central Ohio seeing patients that range from cataract surgery, to CABG/aortic valve replacements or even neurosurgery.

To keep clinical skills sharp, she transitioned back to Urgent Care on weekends, then eventually to full time in busy urgent care clinic as a lead physician, with daily volume between 30-45 patients in a 12 hour shift, with high Occ Med presence as well. As a certified DOT examiner, she was able to perform exams from DOT, as well as non-DOT, pre-employment physicals, audiometry screening interpretations, PFT screening interpretations, and respiratory screening exam interpretations, and US Marshals exam screens.


She is a third generation doctor. Her grandmother was one of the first females to graduate from the Texas Chiropractic College. Her father and brother are both physicians in Texas. Her mother was a nurse, as is her sister, who also has her Juris Doctorate degree. She has many cousins as well who are physicians in Missouri. She grew up in a culture of medicine and caring for people. It is in her blood. She gets it. Oh, and her other sister is a comedian, so she is not without some humor, but her sister is funnier. As well her sister is the co-author of the weight loss book, "The Carb Party Diet", available for purchase on Amazon. 

She has personally created the vision and layout of her clinic to be like an old fashioned doctors office, with conveniences of modern day medicine.




While many family/internal/general medicine doctors shy away from many treatments/procedures or do not have the supplies necessary, and make referrals or simply send those patients to urgent care, Dr. Bartlett is aiming to be your doctor, actually enabled to handle many easy medical issues that do not require waiting in an urgent care, or the huge bill of an ER visit, or even waiting too long to be seen by a typical primary care doctor who is seemingly too busy seeing chronic disease patients to work you in. 


She does feel strongly that any patient with chest pain be evaluated in an emergency room. The symptoms are just too broad and many causes of chest pain can be life threatening and various, and an ECG (EKG) is simply not enough to rule out myocardial infarctions or other mimicking pathologies many times. Fortunately, Riverside Methodist Hospital is located within 5 minutes away from our clinic for reference. 

She attends the King Avenue Methodist Church in the Short North. She was recently married to her wife in June 2016. She also enjoys gardening, playing with their cats and dog, attending live music concerts, cycling, and TRX-style training.

"I consider myself to be the minimalist doctor -- when you come to my clinic, you'll find everything you need and nothing you don't. Further, I do it all -- I'm the receptionist, nurse, and doctor. And I like it that way because everything I can do to save on expenses, I pass those savings on to my patients. And I think my patients understand now what value based medicine really can be. " - Dr. Heather Bartlett, Family Medicine Physician, Owner of Columbus' first Direct Primary Care clinic, The Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center

"I took an oath when I became a physician -- and I believe as part of that oath, doing no financial harm should be included. That's why I started my clinic. Healthcare shouldn't hurt." - Dr. Heather Bartlett, Family Medicine Physician, Owner of Columbus' first Direct Primary Care clinic, The Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center

Meet Henry the Med Hippo. 

Meet Henry. He is our rescue pup who inspired the name of our Med Hippo.

What is with the Hippo?

The Med Hippo was the realization of my career in medicine.


The Med Hippo symbolizes the practice of Medicine and the Hippocratic Oath.

This was a very intentional logo, that one of my best friends designed and drew for me when I was still in my residency years. 


The Hippo is a quiet but forceful animal, and rises from the waters to reveal itself to be dealt with, similar to the utility of primary care, a part of healthcare commonly overlooked. Our Med Hippo wants to help. His headlamp shows the need to shed light on the patient, not only in illness, but in their soul. His outstretching stethoscope clearly shows his concern for the onlooker, and his intention to help. Justifying again that healthcare shouldn't hurt. 


I hope you enjoy the history of our logo. - Dr. Bartlett

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday 9am- 12pm

Lunch closure varies on patient needs.

New patient appointments in mornings.

Appointments required.

Please leave voicemail, if doctor unable to answer call immediately. She will call you back.

Office may have delayed opening, or closure during the day for house calls.

Please note, we are accessible by  entry way stairs only.

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Heather Bartlett, M.D.

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F: 614.300.5661

Additional parking available on the street on Brevoort Road

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Direct primary care columbus ohio
Direct primary care columbus ohio

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